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Holcomb Dunbar’s workers’ compensation and employment lawyers provide a broad range of legal services in its representation of employers, insurance carriers, and third-party administrators throughout Mississippi.

Our representation begins with the presentation of a claim and continues through the hearing and appellate review levels until the claim is brought to a conclusion.

Due to our long-standing practice as workers’ compensation defense lawyers, we have developed extensive experience in the law and procedure of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. We strive to provide the highest quality legal representation in workers’ compensation matters. Once a claim is made against one of our clients, our lawyers aggressively defend our client’s interests in an effort to minimize losses.

The Firm’s attorneys also advise employers in the development of personnel policies, employee handbooks, rules concerning hiring, promotions, compensation benefits, training, scheduling leave of absence and other employment-related conditions. The attorneys assist employers in developing other programs to improve their work force, to provide methods of communication between management and employees, and to resolve employment relations disputes.

Holcomb Dunbar’s employment attorneys generally advise employers with regard to wrongful discharge litigation, employment discrimination issues, sexual harassment claims, general labor/employee relations, the drafting and enforceability of employee competition and disclosure agreements, general employment competition and disclosure agreements, general employee pension and benefit issues, hour claims, the potential use of alternative dispute resolution and general OSHA matters.

Holcomb Dunbar’s practice consists of the defense of employers against all types of discrimination claims, including: race, sex, age, disability, pregnancy, religion and origin. In addition, the attorneys defend claims of breach of contract, wrongful discharge, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing and other workplace tort claims. The Firm has defended claims alleging negligent hiring and retention, defamation, slander, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, misrepresentation, breach of contract, assault, breach of non-competition agreements, battery and false imprisonment.

Holcomb Dunbar’s attorneys prepare general employment agreements as well as independent contractor agreements. The Firm also advises employers on the enforceability of covenants not to compete, as well as on problems associated with post-employment competition, non-disclosure agreements and the ownership of intellectual property or trade secrets developed during employment relationship. Holcomb Dunbar’s attorneys also assist and counsel employers routinely on important aspects of the termination process and such other related matters.

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