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Insurance Law From A to Z Series – Releases

Summary Mississippi Insurance Law CoverIt’s time for the next installment of Holcomb Dunbar law series “Insurance Law from A to Z.”  This was put together by our litigation group  who practice in the insurance law arena.  Of course, if you have questions about these or any other topics please do not hesitate to contact us.

This week’s installment – Releases

In order to obtain a valid and binding release, certain situations call for court or other government agency approval:

1) Minors (under 18) – need Chancery Court approval

2) Incompetent Adults – need Chancery Court approval

3) Estates/Wrongful Death Claims – need Chancery or Circuit Court approval – there is an optional method for Estates less than $50,000 via affidavit by heir (§ 91-7-322)

4) Workers Compensation claimants – need Circuit Court or Workers Comp Commission approval UM benefits are exempt



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