Summary Mississippi Insurance Law CoverIt’s time for the next installment of Holcomb Dunbar law series “Insurance Law from A to Z.”  This was put together by our litigation group  who practice in the insurance law arena.  Of course, if you have questions about these or any other topics please do not hesitate to contact us.

This week’s installment – Parental Liability

Parents may be found liable for property damage up to $5,000 caused by the willful or malicious acts of their minor children between age 10 and 18.  Miss. Code Ann. § 93-13-2.

Parents have a duty to take reasonable measures to supervise their children in order to protect others from acts of their children which are reasonably foreseeable.  Williamson v. Daniel, 748 So. 2d 754, 759 (Miss. 1999).

There is joint and severally liability for the willful or negligent acts of a minor under 17 while operating motor vehicle between minor and person who signed application for license or permit. M.C.A. § 63-1-25.



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