North Mississippi AttorneysFor a company, small business, medical provider, creditor, agency or other type of business entity, seeking payment on debt, can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. And yet, it is an unfortunate reality that businesses are eventually going to face customers who don’t pay. Many companies have systems in place which involve letters and telephone calls to ask for payment.  What do you do, however, when those efforts don’t result in payment and how can a collection attorney help?

Many business owners often turn to debt collection agencies without too much thought. Unfortunately, these companies often can do little more than what the business owner’s already done.  That is, make calls and write letters.Attorney Fees


A collection attorney can certainly write letters, but can also, quickly force the matter along by filing a civil suit against the debtor.

Severity and Importance

A letter from a law firm gets a debtor’s attention.  As a result, there is a better chance of receiving a response.  What’s more, a letter from the attorney can better describe the legal obligations of the outstanding debt and details of legal repercussions that may result if not timely resolved. And importantly, ir carries the weight that if the debt is not settled, the writer has the ability to file a court action

Court Action

A collection attorney can quickly move the matter before a Judge by filing a collection suit.  Few individuals want to go to court to explain why they haven’t paid what they owe.   And no one wants a Judgment entered against them. Often, just the receipt of the lawsuit is enough to get a debtor, who previously avoided calls and letters, to want resolve the dispute.

And if the debtor still refuses to follow through on the payment obligations, a valid debt may be reduced to a Judgment through the court process.


Judgments carry more weight and significance than a delinquent payment obligation.  Judgments can be registered in the county or court rolls and serve as liens in some circumstances.  Moreover, the law provides a broad range of collection options once the judgment is in hand.

Judgment Collection

With a judgment, in most circumstances, the debtor’s wages or accounts may be garnished.  Certain property may be subject to levy or attachment and forcibly sold and the proceeds then used to pay the judgment.

In addition, once the judgment is entered, the debtor can be forced to produce and provide testimony about their assets.  During such, a collection attorney can uncover the debtor’s employers, income sources, banking account information, and other such information that may lead to assets that can in turn satisfy the judgment.

Individual Attention and Professionalism

A collection attorney can evaluate the legal collectability of your claim at an early stage including relevant statutes of limitations or documentary evidence issues.

Attorneys are governed by state rules of ethics and professionalism and subject to sanctions by the court for improper handling of client’s affairs or funds. Moreover, collection attorneys understand the legal implications of probate proceedings, bankruptcy, divorce, and foreclosure as part of their practice. A collection attorney is also available as a general resource for legal questions affecting the businesses. And can also advise your business on contracts, credit applications or form agreements to address or avoid potential problems before they occur.

Holcomb Dunbar Attorneys

Our debt collection litigation department provides commercial collection litigation services to banks and companies having debtors in Mississippi and Tennessee. Our team is dedicated to pursuing each and every debt placed in our hands in an ethical, efficient, and economical manner. In this way, we seek to secure positive results for our clients. Every client’s situation dealing with delinquent customers is unique. To face that challenge, we work with our clients individually to develop a customized solution that maintains your company’s brand and reputation while maximizing recovery. Our collection staff and attorneys are motivated and ready to serve you with your North Mississippi and West Tennessee collection claims. Our team is ready to assist your company with unpaid accounts, including:

  • Credit Card
  • Consumer
  • Commercial
  • Secured Account
  • Mortgage deficiencies
  • Auto loan deficiencies
  • Medical
  • Replevin
  • Garnishment

We are a collection law firm and not just a collection agency. Our attorneys have the ability to litigate accounts throughout North Mississippi and West Tennessee which enables us to turn outstanding debts into judgments which are subject garnishment or other collection avenues.

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